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Year 4

Spring 1: This half term we are learning about...

W/b 3rd January - Our new project hook day!

We had lots of fun in Year 4 during our hook day on Wednesday as we began to explore our new project about the ancients Egyptians. We had a go at carving hieroglyphics, building pyramids and creating ancient Egyptian jewellery, often worn by the rich pharaohs. What a great start!

Autumn 2: In our second half term we were learning about...

W/b 29th November - Who want's to be a millionaire?

In computing, we used our knowledge of the Romans to create our very own quizzes! We then had a lot of fun going around the room and testing ourselves on other people's quizzes.

W/b 22nd November - Do we drink dinosaur wee?

As part of our science learning we have been investigating how the water cycle works, specifically looking at the processes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. We learnt that the water we drink has been on this planet since the Prehistoric age, as water isn't created, it just goes through a continuous cycle!

W/b 8th November - What's the matter?

This half term we are looking at states of matter, which includes investigating how a gas is created when vinegar and bicarbonate of soda is mixed together. This caused each balloon to expand as it was filled with carbon dioxide.

W/b 1st November - Our hook day - Portals to the Past!

To kick off our second Roman topic, we have taken part in a workshop called 'Portals to the Past', which gave us the opportunity to take part in a multitude of Roman experiences such as joining the Roman army, gladiator battles and exploring Roman artefacts.

Autumn 1: In our first half term we were learning about...

W/b 11th October - Aiming for victory!

We have been researching, designing and building our own catapults, just like the Romans used to invade Britain!

W/b 27th September - No guts? No glory!

As part of our science learning, we have had a go at making our own digestive system, following the journey of orange juice and crackers through our bodies...

W/b 6th September - Our hook day!

We have been immersing ourselves in aspects of Roman life. For example: making Roman vases, playing Roman games and re-enacting historical events such as the eruption of Pompeii!