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Year 1

Jubilee Celebrations

We had a lot of fun celebrating the Queen's Jubilee.

We made our own scones and crowns.

We also had a celebrations where we took part in dancing and lots of other fun activities. The children enjoyed learning about the royal family.

Boat making- D&T- 25th May

Practical Maths

The children have been making arrays using counters. 

Monday 25th April- Pirate hook

Today the children and staff came in dressed as pirates, and took part in a variety of pirate themed activities. 

We designed our own scary flags. We also learnt to talk like a pirate, saying things like, 'Argh', and ' Shiver me timbers'.

We also made our own pirate ships, and made some delicious ship biscuits. 

To end our day, we took part in a treasure hunt which led us to find our booty in Mr Page's office.



Spring 2- Can we reap what we sow?

Clay mini-beasts

W/C: 28.3.22

This week we created our own clay mini-beasts. We added natural objects, to enhance the features of our creatures.  

Tuesday 21st March

Andy Goldsworthy inspired art

For our art project this half term, we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy.

The children enjoyed creating art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. We went out to the playground and used a range of natural resources to create our masterpieces.


World Book Day- 3rd March

Week commencing 14th February- Shelter Building

For Design and Technology, we created shelters that needed be suitable for a forest explorer.

We considered how we would need to provide shade and shelter from the sun. The children did very well at planning, creating and evaluating their designs.

Spring 1- Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!

Hot seating- 8th February 2022

In English this week, we started reading a new story called, 'Lost and Found', by Oliver Jeffers.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the story, the children took turns to be in the 'hot seat', answering questions as if they were one of the characters.

We had some fantastic questions, and answers that showed a good comprehension.

Here are a couple of examples of questions asked to the children acting as the character of the little boy, along with the replies:

Malakai- Why did you drop the penguin off at The South Pole?

Frankie- I didn't know that he wanted to be my friend. I thought he wanted to go back to The South Pole.


Ellie- What did you see at The South Pole?

Noah- I saw some penguins, an iceberg, and some Orca Whales.






Science- WC 31st January

We experimented with waterproof materials, in order to find out which are waterproof, and which are absorbent.  

Our results will inform us on the most appropriate materials that we can use to design a warm, waterproof coat.

Forest school- 25.1.22

The children had a wonderful time in forest school this week.

They enjoyed learning about wild life, and nature.

The Explorer Dome Experience- Monday 10th January

The children loved the explorer dome experience. 

It was very exciting, because we had to crawl through a tunnel to get into the dome, where we got to experience a wonderful show, full of colour, light, and sound.

We saw different habitats and environments, and learnt about the animals who lived there.

We also got to learn about how animals adapt according to their environments. We spoke about Antarctica, and the desert, which are places that we will be focussing on for project this half term.

Lastly, we learnt about what we can do to look after our planet. 


Autumn 2 - November 2021 - Which West Croft is Best Croft?

Wednesday 15th December

Today, we were visited by rabbits and chickens to finish our science topic on animals. We learnt how to care for these animals, we also looked at what they eat and spoke about their characteristics. We then matched them to their animal groups. We were very kind and gentle with these animals and really enjoyed their visit.

Friday 10th December

We have all had great fun, designing and sewing our very own hand puppets. We all worked really hard drawing and cutting out our templates, we then had to choose how to decorate them to ensure they looked like our characters. Finally, we had to carefully sew them together to finish off our hand puppets. We have had great fun using these in our puppet theatres putting on shows for our friends.

Friday 26th November

This week, we have been exploring Victorian toys and comparing them to toys that we have today. We realised most Victorian toys were made of wood but today toys are often made of plastic, we also noted that toys are now very technological.

Friday 19th November

This week, we have have continued to learn about Victorians. We learnt about weaving and sewing, which used to be only lessons that girls would take part in. We all got to take part in lots of different activities to practise these skills, we even let the boys join in!

Thursday 18th November

Today, we were introduced to 'hot seating'. We took it in turns to become Little Bear or Big Bear from our English text 'Can't you Sleep Little Bear' and we answered questions from our friends. Some of use even put on voices for these characters!

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Today, we got to experience what it would have been like to grow up in the Victorian times. We all came in in fantastic costumes and spent time in a Victorian classroom. We found that life was very different, children were not allowed to talk or even ask questions, they also had to be asked to speak and had to stand when speaking. We got to experience what PE was like for Victorian children, we found out that the drills were very different to PE they we take part in today. We finally got to explore Victorian toys and we found lots of differences and similarities to toys that we play with today. 

Autumn 1 September 2021 - Where would you like to live?

Friday 22nd October 

Our project celebration - Today we became 'Settlement Planners'. During the past 2 weeks, we all decided if we would like to live in a town, city or village, we then designed and created this settlement. 

Today, we put all of our structures together and showed them to our Year 2 friends as well and Mr Page and Mrs Johnston, who were all very impressed!

Thursday 14th October 

Today, we had a visitor who came to speak to us about our bodies and tell us about the people they take care of. We found out lots about the different care people need and we also got the chance to ask lots of questions. We got to look at lots of equipment that helps to check to see if people are healthy or poorly. We really enjoyed listening to each others heart beats!

Friday 8th October

This week, in science we have been exploring our senses of sight and smell. We smelt a variety of different scents, predicted what they were and then recorded which we liked and did not like. We also explored what it would be like if we lost our sense of sight, our friends helped guide us around the playground using words as we discovered our sense of hearing improved. 

Thursday 7th October

This week, in maths we have been ordering numbers from greatest to smallest and smallest to greatest, we have also started to explore parts and whole. 

Friday 1st October

Today, we have been exploring the sense of taste. We learnt where each group of taste buds are on our tongue and how many different types of taste there are. We then tried different foods and grouped them by taste. We finished off our lesson, by creating a bar chart to discover which taste was the most popular in our class. 

Thursday 30th September


This week, we looked at collage during our art lessons. We created a plan based on a town, city or village. We then used this and created a collage. 

Wednesday 22nd September

Today, we went on a trip to Bideford to explore the features of a town. We saw lots of cars, shops, houses and offices as well as banks, a church, a post office, a park and much much more. When we returned to school, we each created a map to show our journey and the towns features.


Wednesday 15th September


Today, we had our 'Hook Day', our classrooms were transformed into a village, town and city. We then had to opportunity to explore each and compare the differences between them. 

Friday 10th September 2021


Year 1 have had a fantastic 1st week back at school. They all spent time exploring their new classrooms, the resources and getting to know their new teachers.