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Year 1

Autumn 1 - Project Plan 2021


Where would you like to live?

Friday 10th September - Getting to know our new classrooms

Weather - Friend or Foe?

The children looked at how to interpret data to create a pictogram. They learnt about how scientists track rainfall throughout the year using a rain gauge. They used data collected in 2019 to create a pictogram to compare rainfall in the United Kingdom and Australia. 

Creating a Pictogram

The children learnt about how the countries closer to the equator experience hot weather throughout the year. This is because the sun remains directly over head all year round. 

Locating the Equator Line

1.1 Weather Report

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1.2 Weather Report

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1.3 Weather Report

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Summer 1: Sir Francis Drake - Hero or Pirate?

Celebration Event - Thursday 27th May

Year 1 have really enjoyed learning all about Sir Francis Drake and have hotly debated whether he is a hero or a pirate! This week, we held our celebration event, where the children have showcased the boats they designed and made for Sir Francis Drake, based on a very specific design criteria. The boat had to be: blue, strong, big and have a golden hind on its sail.

Pirate Hook Day - Monday 19th April

The children had great fun pretending to be pirates. We completed lots of different activities, which included pretending to go on an adventure to find buried 'treasure' hidden in the classroom. 

Spring 1


Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!

Victorian, Egyptian and Latin lessons!


We have been learning about how lessons would have been taught in Victorian, Egyptian and Latin times.


We had a go at writing on slates using the Victorian handwriting style - we found this challenging!


We loved creating our own name in hieroglyphics on Egyptian parchment paper. 


During the Latin lesson we predicted the meaning of some Latin words and matched these to the pictures.


Which lesson do you think you would have enjoyed the most?

Victorian, Egyptian and Latin lessons!

Autumn 2


Which West Croft is Best Croft?

                                                  Our Hook Day



In 1.1 we discovered that paper was very expensive in the Victorian times so they used different writing equipment to what we use today.

We had a go at writing on a slate using a slate pencil. We also experienced writing with a quill pen and dipping our pen into ink.


In 1.2 we discovered that poor children had very simple games like a peg doll, whereas rich children had large rocking horses and dolls houses.

We enjoyed playing with the Victorian games particularly the cup and ball game as we found this a challenge!



In 1.3 we explored various Victorian Artefacts.  We looked at Victorian pennies and learnt about Queen Victoria. We dressed up as Victorians and explored the style and fashion. We also enjoyed learning about Victorian embroidery and about Appledore school during Victorian times.





Our Final Outcome


We presented our completed buildings to Mr Page and Ms Marston on our celebration day. We took turns to add our buildings to our new world and we discussed where we would usually find our buildings e.g. a village, town or city.

Can you spot any famous landmarks that we created?

Would you like to live in our new world?


Autumn 1


Where would you like to live?

Our Hook Day


In the village classroom we tasted lots of different fruit and vegetables that farms would grow around the village. We tasted: peppers, cucumber, carrots, blueberries and plums.

We then went to look at the chickens and discovered one had laid an egg!


In the town classroom we learnt about all the different shops you might see in a town.  We then role played being a post office.  We designed our own stamps, wrote a letter and then posted them in the post box.  We took turns being the cashier and buying stamps for our letters. 


In the city classroom, we explored the city role play.

We learned about road safety, and had a go at using traffic signs.

We also played in the big red London bus, and explored the city small world play too.