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Autumn 2  Medium Term Plan - 2020

What did the Ladybird hear?

Thursday 26th November 2020
This week in Maths we have been exploring addition and subtraction. We have used a variety of resources and games to help us become more confident. 

Friday 19th November - 2020

Today we came into school to see something very strange. We saw eggs, glittery footprints and lots of colourful feathers. Mr Page and Mrs Marston visited to tell us they had seen something on the school cameras and would we help to solve the mystery! We watched the videos and saw colourful eggs rolling around hatching. We thought it could be the Sunggly Snerd that we had been reading about in school. Dertmined to solve the mystery we went on a Snerd hunt around the school and we saw many clues but sadly no Snerd! When we got back to the classroom there was another trail of feathers which led to a tasty surprise for us... Chocolate coins! Thanks Sunggly Snerd they were delicious. 

Snuggly Snerd Hunt

Thursday 18th November 2020


Today we had a fantastic day celebrating Mickey Mouse's 92nd birthday. We started the day making cakes and treats for the party, as well as creating pictures and cards for Mickey Mouse. In the afternoon we had a year group party, where we danced and played party games. To finish our day, we ate some party food and watched the first ever Mickey Mouse cartoon, called Steamboat Willie. 

Friday 13th November - 2020

Today we have a fantastic day celebrating children in need. We started the day doing PE with Joe wicks and couldn't believe how long he had been exercising as we were exhausted after 20 minutes! We then drew pictures and made some spotty biscuits. We looked at why Children in need raise money and were glad that we are able to help. 

Thursday 12th November - 2020

We have been learning all about Diwali today. We watched the story of Rama and Sita and talked about the importance of this festival. We each made a Diva Lamp, we decorated them with brightly coloured gems and lots of sparkles!

Diva Lamps

Wednesday 11th November - 2020

We really enjoyed learning about why we wear poppies today. We talked about the Soldiers who went to the wars and their families. We watched a clip about how the poppies grew around the soldiers. We did some amazing pieces of art to commemorate them.




Poppy Day

Friday 6th November

The children were really proud to show their work to Mr Page and Mrs Marston today.

Visting Mr Page and Mrs Marston

Thursday 5th November

We had a wonderful day today. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Bonfire night. We decided to build our own bonfire and create our own firework display. We danced with our fireworks around the fire and even toasted marshmallows! Even though we won't get to celebrate it properly this year, we had a truly magical time celebrating it in school. 


Autumn 1 Medium Term Plan - 2020

I'm a Rhyming Wizard!

Wednesday 4th November

We have been busy this week exploring the number 10. We have counted out objects, looked at one more and less and have been adding numbers to make ten and looking at how to subtract from 10.

Exploring number 10!

Wednesday 21st October - 2020

We have a very busy day acting out the story of the Gruffalo. We created character headbands and worked with our friends to re-tell the story. We then put on a performance at the end of the day.

Gruffalo Play

Friday 16th October - 2020

The children enjoyed visiting Mr Page today to show off their amazing writing. He was really proud of all their hard work. 

Visiting Mr Page!

Thursday 15th October - 2020

We have worked really hard today exploring subtraction. We were starting from the number 8 and looked at what happens when we took some away. Some children even had a go at writing this in a number sentence!

Subtracting from 8!

Wednesday 7th October - 2020

We have loved reading the story of the Leaf Man. We were inspired to create our own Leaf Men. Take a look. What do you think?

Leaf Man Art

Tuesday 6th October - 2020

We went on a Leaf-man hunt today. We searched all around the school. We found lots of clues as we went around. The wind had blown him high and low and we really enjoyed this mini adventure.

Wednesday 30th September - 2020

We have been reading Each, Peach, Pear, Plum this week so we decided to do some fruit tasting. We all had a try of the fruits and surprised ourselves when we liked them. Parrots liked plums the best and Swans and Robins liked Pears the best.

Fruit Tasting

Week beginning 21st September - 2020

The children have had another good week. This week they enjoyed making Autumn pictures in the sand. They looked really carefully at the picture and used the items they collected from their walks. Thank you to everyone who collected some Autumn things.

Sand art

Thursday 17th September - Starting school

The children have had a fabulous time exploring their new classrooms. They have been amazing. They have made new friends and have been a joy to teach :-)