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Summer 1 Term Plan - 2021


If you go down to the woods today...

Summer 1 Term Plan

Tuesday 11th May - 2021

This week, we have been exploring the book 'Who's Bad and Who's Good Little Red Riding Hood?' In Parrot Class, the children have been using their 'Junk DNA' loose parts to create wolf pictures.  They have come up with some fabulous creations!

Thursday 6th May - 2021

We had a visit from Little Red Riding Hood's Granny today.  She told us that the Big Bad Wolf has been seen in Bideford!  We went for a walk with Granny around school searching for clues and to see if we could find the wolf.  We found lots of clues including giant foot prints, Little Red Riding Hood's red cloak and even a den where we think the wolf was hiding!  When we got back to class, we made wanted posters and wrote about the things we had found.

Looking for the Big Bad Wolf

Week beginning 26th April - 2021

This week, we have been exploring the book ‘Goldilocks in Space.’  We enjoyed finding out about the planets and making our own solar systems.  We talked about the things Goldilocks might need on her space adventure and had lots of fun with our play project; designing her a new rocket as well as lots of other amazing space gear!  We used junk modelling to bring our creations to life and we really enjoyed sharing our creations and looking at what our friends had made.

Goldilocks in Space play project

Week beginning 19th April - 2021


We have had a wonderful first week back at School.  We have really enjoyed seeing our friends again and sharing our holiday news.   This week, we have focussed on the story of  'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and have had lots of fun exploring the story in different ways.   

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Friday 23rd April

We had such fun with our play project all around the three bears. Children had many discussions and worked well together. They made chairs, houses, castles, traps, posters and many more things. It was amazing to see how engaged they all were. laugh 

Spring 2 Term Plan - 2021

What is up in the clouds?

Wednesday 31st March - 2021

We have really enjoyed learning about Easter this week and have had a fun filled last day of term in Reception.  In the morning, we had fun making Easter nests.  We enjoyed making them but especially enjoyed eating them! In the afternoon, we went on an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, we didn't find the Easter Bunny but we did find the eggs he left for us.  Happy Easter! 

Making Easter nests and hunting for eggs.

Week beginning 22nd March - 2021 

We are been really involved in our play this week and have made the most of the sunnier days. We have been working co-operatively with our friends and sharing resources with each other. We have built houses, castles and cars. We have made potions, tea and stews! We have been digging and playing on the bikes. We are so lucky that we learn so much whilst we are playing. 

Power of Play

Wednesday 17th March - 2021

Parrots have enjoyed exploring doubling this week using objects, mirrors and games. Some of the children even created their own doubling games and taught them to each other!

Tuesday 16th March - 2021

Swans have been exploring doubling. They have been busy recording their doubling on whiteboards using circles. The children have really enjoyed maths this week. 

Monday 15th March - 2021

Robins have been exploring doubling this week. They have looked at many ways to do it but we really enjoyed exploring doubling using the mirrors the best. 

Doubling using mirrors

Monday 8th March -2021

We have had a fantastic first week back at school.  We have really enjoyed exploring our classrooms again and spending time with our friends.  We have also enjoyed listening to the Cloud Spotter story and The World Made a Rainbow.  We got creative designing our own clouds and making rainbow pictures.  

Thursday 3rd March - 2021
Today we celebrated World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite characters, created our own book covers and listened to lots and lots of stories. We even had a dinosaur come to visit us in class!