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Autumn 1 Term Plan - 2021

I Am Me!

Autumn 1 Term Plan

Summer 2 Term Plan - 2021

New Horizons

Summer 2 Term Plan

Friday 16th July 2021

This week Reception have enjoyed sports week! We have spent lots of time on the school field participating in a variety of different races, including a dress up race, egg and spoon race and the bean bag race. We were lucky enough to have wonderful weather each day and we all got a sticker for doing so well!

Friday 9th July 2021

Over the past few weeks we have been waiting for our chicks to hatch. When we came into school on Monday morning we found 5 chicks, we were all really excited! During the week we have enjoyed watching them grow and hearing them cheep. We all got to stroke them on Tuesday and on Friday we each got the opportunity to hold one of the chicks, we were all really gentle and kind. 

They have now gone home with one of our Reception friends. We hope to see them again, to see how much they have grown. 

Thursday 1st July - 2021

For the past few weeks we have been taking care of some caterpillars in Reception.  We have really enjoyed looking after them; watching them grow and seeing them change into beautiful butterflies.  After our transition morning where we met our new Year 1 teachers and got to see our new classrooms, we talked about how our butterflies were also ready to spread their wings and have a new adventure.  We wished them luck and watched them fly away.  The children thought it was fabulous!

Butterfly adventures

Monday 21st June - 2021

This week, we have really enjoyed exploring another Supertato adventure - Supertato Veggies Assemble.  Evil Pea escaped again and he wrote to us saying he was was going to turn the school freezers off and set all the peas free!  We went on a hunt to find Evil Pea and catch him before it was too late!  We found lots of clues and caught him in the end!  On Friday, we wore green and had a Pea Party to celebrate!

The hunt for Evil Pea!

Week beginning 14th June - 2021

This week, we have had a wonderful time exploring the Supertato story.  We made our own Supertato superheroes and also designed and made our very own superhero capes! We have also been really creative in our writing by designing new Super Veggies superheroes. 





Week beginning 7th June - 2021

This week we have been reading the hungry caterpillar and been learning all about the life cycle of a Butterfly. We have created mobiles, pictures and even made our own butterfly wings! We really enjoyed turning into caterpillars ourselves and trying the foods that he had eaten on his journey to becoming a butterfly. 

Summer 1 Term Plan - 2021


If you go down to the woods today...

Summer 1 Term Plan

Thursday 27th May - 2021

We have been reading someone swallowed Stanley and have been thinking about saving the environment. Today we became fishmongers and explored lots of different fish. We really enjoyed observing the tentacles of the octopus!


Week beginning 17th May - 2021

Last week, we set a home learning challenge to help the children prepare for our 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' project.  We have had some wonderful projects handed in this week and it has been lovely to see so many children getting creative at home, in so many different ways! 

Somebody Swallowed Stanley - Home Learning

Friday 14th May - 2021

This week, we have been exploring the book 'Who's Bad and Who's Good Little Red Riding Hood?'

In the story, Rabbit misleads Little Red Riding Hood and Granny.  We thought about what he would say if he was to apologise and we wrote our own sorry letters.  We are so proud of our amazing writing!

Letters from Rabbit

Tuesday 11th May - 2021

This week, we have been exploring the book 'Who's Bad and Who's Good Little Red Riding Hood?' In Parrot Class, the children have been using their 'Junk DNA' loose parts to create wolf pictures.  They have come up with some fabulous creations!

Thursday 6th May - 2021

We had a visit from Little Red Riding Hood's Granny today.  She told us that the Big Bad Wolf has been seen in Bideford!  We went for a walk with Granny around school searching for clues and to see if we could find the wolf.  We found lots of clues including giant foot prints, Little Red Riding Hood's red cloak and even a den where we think the wolf was hiding!  When we got back to class, we made wanted posters and wrote about the things we had found.

Looking for the Big Bad Wolf

Week beginning 26th April - 2021

This week, we have been exploring the book ‘Goldilocks in Space.’  We enjoyed finding out about the planets and making our own solar systems.  We talked about the things Goldilocks might need on her space adventure and had lots of fun with our play project; designing her a new rocket as well as lots of other amazing space gear!  We used junk modelling to bring our creations to life and we really enjoyed sharing our creations and looking at what our friends had made.

Goldilocks in Space play project

Week beginning 19th April - 2021


We have had a wonderful first week back at School.  We have really enjoyed seeing our friends again and sharing our holiday news.   This week, we have focussed on the story of  'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and have had lots of fun exploring the story in different ways.   

Goldilocks and the Three Bears