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Spring 2 Term Plan - 2021

What is up in the clouds?

Friday 26th February - 2021

Today we made pizzas for MR Page's challenge. We tried to make the school logo so decided to make sweet pizzas. We used chocolate and food colouring for the base, and then cut out leaves and branches out of icing. We hope you like our designs.

Thursday 25th February - 2021

We have been creating number beanstalks today. We ordered numbers to 10, 15 and 20! We had to carefully cut out the leaves, and count on the beanstalk where the leaf should go. It was very tricky but we didn't give up!

Number beanstalks

Home Learning - Week 7 - February 2021

This week, we have been exploring 'Jack and the Beanstalk', we have been busy drawing pictures of the giant, sharing ideas about what we would like to find at the top of the beanstalk, thinking about if Jack was right to take the giant's belongings and exploring what a plant needs to help it to grow.

We wanted to share some of the fantastic beanstalks we have created at home with you.

Spring 1 Term Plan - 2021



Problem Solvers

Friday 12th February - 2021

Today, we had a fabulous Well-Being Friday.  We really enjoyed a morning of calming colouring while listening to some relaxing music.  We talked about how we were feeling and shared our pictures with each other.  After that, we enjoyed some parachute games and Cosmic Kids Yoga.  In the afternoon, we had great fun choosing the toppings for our pancakes and trying some new foods, including honey.  


Wednesday 10th February - 2021

This week, in school, we have enjoyed exploring the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes'.  We enjoyed talking about our favourite pancake toppings and drawing our designs.  We had some very healthy choices and some very interesting combinations too!  Everyone had a fabulous time taking part in pancake races outside and we used what we learned about ordinal number last week to explain our positions in the races.   

Pancake races

Home Learning - Week 6 - February 2021
This week as we have been looking at the book Mr Wolf's Pancakes, we have been looking forward to Shrove Tuesday and have tried making our own pancakes at home. We have really enjoying making and eating our pancakes, they were delicious!
Home Learning - Week 6 - February 2021
This week we have focussed on the book Mr Wolf's Pancakes, we have listened to the stories and spoken about whether we think Mr. Wolf is good or bad and the reasons for this. We have also thought about how we can be a good friend and make posters and lists to help others know how to be a good friend. 
Home Learning - Week 5 - February 2021
​​​​​​Today we have had our wellbeing day, we have explored a range of different activities, these have included going for walks and taking pictures of something that makes us smile, helping make a healthy, yummy lunch for our families, completing a creative activity of our choice and making a box of happiness.

Friday 5th February 

Today we have enjoyed tasting Chinese food. We had noodle soup, noodles, egg fried rice and prawn crackers. Some of us liked it all, some of us just liked some of the food, but we all liked the prawn crackers!

Home Learning - Week 5 - February 2021

As we focussed on 'The Great Race' this week, which a story based in China and tells us about how the Jade Emperor held a Great Race. 12 animals took part in this race to decide which order they would be placed in the Chinese Zodiac.

To help us learn a little more about China we explored writing in Chinese, we noticed many difference and some similarities in this writing.

Home Learning - Week 5 - February 2021
This week we have focussed on the story 'The Great Race'. As part of this topic we learnt how to make shadow puppets, then we drew and cut out our own shadow puppets and put on shows for our families, retelling this story or making up our own stories. We had lots of fun with this activity and we got lots of the family involved. 

Wednesday 3rd February - 2021

Today we created the Great Race. We made our own animal masks and had lots of races. We were exploring ordinal numbers in maths so we gave out numbers from 1st to 13th. We then had to put ourselves in order. It was a lot of fun. 

Tuesday 2nd February - 2021

Today we made some shadow puppets and re-told the story of the Great Race. This story told us all about the Chinese New year and the Jade Emperor. We really enjoyed the story.

Our shadow puppet show

Still image for this video
We had to our best cutting so you could see the animal shadow on the board. We really enjoyed exploring how to make shadows.
Friday 29th January - 2021
Today, we explored colour mixing using food. We mixed custard with food colouring followed by milk with fruit. We predicted what colour our custard and milk would change to and then got to eat our results, it was yummy! 

Home Learning - Week 4 - January 2021

This week, we have focussed on the story 'Born Bad.'  As part of our Topic, we listened to the story 'The Mixed up Chameleon'. We really enjoyed the story and had lots of fun creating our own mixed up animals.  We had some really creative ideas and even had a go at giving these new animals mixed up names. 

Mixed up animals

Home Learning - Week 4 - January 2021

This week we have been focussing on repeating patterns in Maths. We had lots of fun being 'Pattern Detectives' at home, looking for patterns everywhere and then finding as many ways as we could to describe them. 
We also had a go at creating our own repeating patterns.  We were really creative with this challenge and used whatever we could find at home to help us make our patterns.

Repeating patterns

Wednesday 27th January -2021
Today we have been planting in our outside bike area, we have planted daffodils and irises and we have been discussing what we need to help them grow. 

Tuesday 26th January - 2021

Today we had fun participating in a game of zoom bingo. It was lovely to play a game within our groups. The children in school really enjoyed playing alongside their friends at home. We can't wait to play again next week. 

Home Learning - Week 3 - January 2021

This week we have been exploring 'The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf', like our friends in school. We have been been creating own on mini versions of this story and have written thank you letters to Mr Wolf from the pigs. In our topic work we have explored people who help us and thought about what we would like to do when we grow up. We have also learnt 4 new Phase 3 digraphs and in maths we have explored the number 13 and learnt how to double numbers. 

We have also been able to explore a range of extra activities including making our own playdough, making fairy wands, joining in with P.E. challenges and joining in with singing sessions. We have had lots of fun!

Friday 22nd January - 2021

Today, we made fudge in a slow cooker.  We enjoyed preparing the ingredients and talked about how they changed once they got hot and then again once we had put them in the fridge.  We had lots of fun making our fudge and really enjoyed eating it too!

Making fudge

Tuesday 19th January - 2021

Today we chose an activity from the 100 things to do indoors list. We chose number 35 which was to make a car using big boxes and furniture! We had a fantastic time creating ours together.

Building a car

Home learning - Week 2 - January 2021
This week we have been looking at The True Story of The Three Little Pigs, just like our friends in school. We have been thinking lots about how Mr. Wolf feels in this story and if we believe Mr Wolf or The Three Little Pigs version of the story. We have made puppets to re-tell the story and have also made cards and cakes for Mr. Wolf to try and help him feel better. In Maths we have exploring the number 12 and started to learn about capacity. We have also learnt 2 new digraphs and our first trigraph in phonics. We have had lots of fun!

Friday 15th January - 2021

Today we have been doing Mr Page's challenge of making biscuits. We made some "Krispie" biscuits and decorated them. They were really fun to make and even better to eat!

The finished articles!

Tuesday 12 January - 2020

Today we read the true story of the Three Little Pigs. We talked about whether we believed the Wolf! We made some puppets and acted out the story. We have had so much fun with this story so far...

Puppet making

Week beginning 4th January - 2020 

This week we have both, in school and at home learnt all about the story of The Three Little Pigs. We made a new houses for the pigs, using a variety of different resources. In maths we explored the number 11, using different objects, we started to learn new life skills and much more. 

Autumn 2  Medium Term Plan - 2020

What did the Ladybird hear?

Tuesday 8th December

We were all very excited today as we got to walk to the post box to send our Father Christmas letters. We walked sensibly to the post box with our friends. We can't wait to get a letter back from Father Christmas. 

Monday 7th December

When we got to school today we were so excited because we thought that Elsa had been to visit and had iced everywhere! we wanted to go and explore, so we wrapped up warm and went on an ice hunt! We really enjoyed crunching through the ice on the school field. We collected leaves that looked like diamonds!

Ice Hunt