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Year 3

Week commencing 22nd November

Children have been enjoying their Forest School learning! Thank you Mr J!

In Art, we have been dyeing material using natural resources such as grass, berries and leaves. Then, we sewed a pattern onto the material with a needle and thread. iT was pretty tricky but we showed resilience and patience! 

In History this week we having been learning all about Stonehenge. The children found out that it might have been used as a cemetery, to tell the seasons, for healing, religious purposes or even dance parties!

Once they had finished, I tasked the children to make Stonehenge using Lego. Isabelle, Brooke and Marley did a supper job with ensuring there were concentric circles and they even included the altar stone! Great teamwork!

In Science we have been learning all about the eye! We can label the different parts of the eye and give ideas on how to protect our eyes from the sun. We created posters and gave a speech to Lady Noir about how she can protect her eyes from the evil Blanc Brothers!

Week commencing 15th November

In Science we have been given a secret mission from Lady Noir!

Last week we needed to work out how reflection works in order to stop the crafty Blanc Brothers!

Thursday 11th November

We visited Great Torrington where the year 9s taught us a variety of skills which would support us when playing sport. We had the best time!

Week commencing 1st November

As part of our project, we are continuing to look at the Stone-Iron Age but we are looking at evidence and cities around the UK. On Friday 5th November, we visited Kents Cavern, a prehistoric cave in Torquay. We learned all about early Stone Age people and even animals such as the Whoolly Mammoth and the Cave bear. Kents Cavern is 400 million years old and we got to experience how dark it was in the cave when our tour guide switched the lights off. We couldn't see our hands in front of our faces! 

This term we are learning about...

Week commencing Monday 11th October

This week we have been getting creative by designing and creating an Iron Age cart fit for a farmer! It was fun using a glue gun and seeing our initial ideas come to life!

Week commencing Monday 27th September

How strong is a rock?

In Science, we tried to break 5 rocks with a variety of different objects. The 5 rocks we tested were slate, marble, granite, chalk and limestone. Can you guess which one we successfully broke?

Cave Art inspired by the Stone Age.

We have created and been inspired by Stone Age cave art. We told a story using a variety of different pencil shades to show darker and light lines as well as shading. 

We have created and been inspired by Stone Age cave art. We told a story using a variety of different pencil shades to show darker and light lines as well as shading. 

Week commencing Monday 13th September

We have been busy experiencing life as someone living in the Stone Age. We have tried making our own clay stone tools, we got creative with cave art, we tied knots to help us move objects and even tried lighting a fire! We also became Archaeologists and carefully looked for delicate objects in the sand!


Here are some of the amazing facts we have learnt:

  • The first people originated from Africa.
  • Homo erectus are the first know people- we are called Homo Sapiens
  • There are three different ages, Stone/Bronze and Iron Age.
  • Great Britain used to be covered in ice and went through many ice ages.
  • Flint axes were very useful and the main tool people used. 
  • Stone Age people were hunter-gatherers!