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Autumn 2 Term Medium Term Planning - 2021

I am a Time Traveller

Autumn 2 Knowledge organiser


Please see the things we will be covering this half term. 

I am a Time Traveller

Week beginning 29th November - 2021

This week, we have enjoyed exploring the story 'The High Street."  We looked through the shops in the story and compared them to our local area.  We talked about the shops we know in Bideford and discussed our favourite places to visit.  We looked at the music shop page and explored different instruments, using them to create music and experiment with different sounds. We used junk modelling to make our own instruments as well as making instruments using things we found in the classroom.

Musical Instruments

Week beginning 22nd November - 2021

We have had another fabulous week learning about dinosaurs.  This week, we focussed on the story "Dear Dinosaur"  We had a letter from the T-Rex who lived at the museum and he even visited our classrooms to drop off his letter!  We though of questions we would like to ask him and wrote back. 

This week, we also found out about Paleontologist's and created our own dinosaur fossils using salt dough.

Dinosaur fossils

Week beginning 15th November - 2021

This week, we have been exploring the story The Dinosaur Department Store. We have had a wonderful time talking about which dinosaur we would choose for a pet and finding out even more amazing dinosaur facts.  We have also been really busy making our own dinosaur models out of junk modelling and modroc to create our own dinosaur store.

Dinosaur Models

11th November - 2021

Today we thought about why we wear our poppies. We talked about the soldiers and their families. We made some poppies to wear and created some fabulous pieces of art to display to show our respect. 

Week beginning the 8th November- 2021

This wee we have been reading Mad about Dinosaurs. We have remembered lots of amazing facts and started to create our own dinosaur books. We talked about our trip to the Dinosaur Park and wrote about our favourite part of the day. In maths we have been using positional language. We used dinosaurs to help us use this language in our play. We have had a really fun week! 

Dino play...

Friday 5th November - 2021

We have enjoyed learning all about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We set the the children a home learning challenge of making their own Guys. We had some amazing interpretations and they were all very different and extremely creative! We decided to build our own bonfire and create our own fireworks to make our own display to music. We put our Guys on the bonfire and even toasted some marshmallows. We ended our day with firework biscuits and sparkler breadsticks! 

Wednesday 3rd November - 2021

We have been exploring Diwali, the festival of light. We looked at India on the map and found out lots of information. We read the story of Rama and Sita and discussed the importance of light for the festival. We made our own Diva lamps to light the way for Rama and Sita, to help find their way home

Diva lamps

Tuesday 2nd November - 2021

We had a wonderful trip to the Dinosaur Park today. We were all very excited to travel by coach and couldn't wait to get there. We went on a Dinosaur hunt and found lots of dinosaurs around the park. We took lots of photos and can't wait to find out more about them. We also got to see lots of different animals around the park, and even got to go in with the Meerkats at feeding time! Our favourite part of the day was getting sprayed with water by the Dinosaurs! 

Autumn 1 Term Medium Term planning - 2021

I am me!

Week beginning 18th October - 2021

This week we have be focussing on the story, Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.  We have had lots of fun exploring and comparing seasons and creating art work using the illustrations from the book. 

Autumn Art

Wednesday 13th October

This week, we have been exploring the stories Stanley's Stick and I am Not a Stick.  We went exploring to find some amazing sticks of our own and turned them into different things.  We had some fabulous ideas, including; birds, dragons, bug families, butterflies and flowers! 


Thursday 7th October 

We have had the best day exploring how to mix and create colours. We looked at mixing primary colours and also how to create some of our very own Autumnal colours. We then named our very own creations. We had purple unicorn, green apple, chocolate dog and so many more. We then used the paints we created to paint our own masterpieces! 

Colour mixing

Monday 4th October

We read the story we are going on a leaf hunt. We looked through the book at the colours of Autumn and the different types of leaves they saw. We went for our very own adventure to the local woods to go on our own leaf hunt. We were searching for Maple, Silver Birch, Hickory and Oak Leaves. We had great fun collecting leaves, sticks, conkers and other Autumnal items that we will be using in the classroom. 

Week beginning 27th September - 2021

This week, we have been exploring the story Leaf Man.  We have had a wonderful time talking about where Leaf Man travelled and imagining where he might go next.  Over the weekend lots of us went for an Autumn walk and collected leaves, conkers, sticks, acorns and lots of other natural objects.  We used our collection to make our own Leaf Men and we were so proud of our creations.

Week beginning 27th September - 2021

This week, in Maths, we have enjoyed exploring pattern.  We've looked at existing patterns and tried to copy and continue them and we have also had a go at creating our own repeating patterns.  We used different objects and thought about their colour, size and shape when creating our patterns.  We even created patterns using sound and movement.  We came up with some fabulous ideas.

Repeating patterns

Week beginning 20th September - 2021

This week, we have been focussing on the Oi Frog story.  We have really enjoyed exploring rhyme and finding out what the animals sit on.  Parrot class were really excited to discover that Parrots sit on carrots!  We have also had lots of fun finding out about the life cycle of a frog and learning some amazing frog facts. 

Oi Frog

Week beginning 13th September - 2021

The children have had a great start to the term. They have settled really well and have enjoyed exploring our learning environments. The children have made lots of new friends and it has been wonderful getting to know them all. They have been really busy playing and have really enjoyed creating potions, building houses, drawing, making cakes and so much more!