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Summer 1 Medium Term Planning -  2022

I am an Author

Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser

Please see the things we will be covering this half term.

Week beginning the 16th May - 2022

This week we have been exploring addition and subtraction in maths. We have been reading addition and subtraction stories and created some of our own! We enjoyed putting our skills into a context! 

Maths fun!

Wednesday 11th May 2022

Today, we had a visit from Little Red Riding Hood's Granny.  She said she had spotted the wolf in school!  We went on a wolf hunt to find him and help Granny get her cakes back.  We found lots of clues but we didn't see the wolf.  We wrote to Granny to say thank you for her visit and to let her know we had a letter from the police to say the wolf had been caught red handed! 

Wolf Hunt!

Week beginning 2nd May-2022

This week, we have been exploring the story 'The Cloud Spotter'  We have enjoyed creating our own cloud designs and learning about different cloud formations.  We found out about the water cycle and created our own water cycle bags.

The water cycle

Week beginning 25th April - 2022

We have had a fabulous first week back at School. We have enjoyed seeing our friends and sharing our holiday news.  We even had a visit from the Easter Bunny who hid chocolate eggs for us to find!  We have also been exploring the story Jack and the Beanstalk, we thought about what we would like to find at the top of a beanstalk and came up with some really creative ideas. 

Back to School!

Spring 2 Medium Term Planning -  2022

I am an Eco Warrior

Spring 2 Knowledge Organiser

Please see the things we will be covering this half term.

Week beginning 28th March - 2022

We read the little book of Greta Thunberg and found out how she protested about climate change every Friday instead of going to school. We discovered that children all over the world joined her protest. We decided to create our own protest signs and attached them to our dolls of the world. Some children created the building she sat outside of, which was full of important people. 

Greta Thunberg protest

Thursday 31st March - 2022

We have had lots of fun exploring number pairs to 10 today at our 'Number Bonds Party'.  For our Math's Challenge this week, we made our own hats representing number pairs to 10 in different ways.  Today, we wore our creations and each had a number from 0 to 10. We danced to music and when the music stopped we found our partner to make 10.  We enjoyed singing our number pairs song to help us remember number pairs to make 10.

Number Bonds Party

Week beginning the 21st March - 2022

We have been learning about addition and subtraction this week. We have been learning that subtraction is the inverse of addition. We have been using Numicon, number blocks, and tens frames to help us with solving addition and subtraction sums. Some of us had a go at creating and recording our own sums! 

Addition and subtraction

Wednesday 16th March - 2022

We were so inspired by our trip to the beach. We have created a water colour of what we saw. We are going to paint them onto a canvas as we are so proud of them.

Water colours

Week beginning the 14th of March - 2022

We have had a fabulous week reading the story Somebody Crunched Colin. We have been really interested to learn all about how the rubbish we drop impacts the wildlife around us. We decided to visit Westward Ho! Beach to clean up all the rubbish we find before it gets blown into the sea! We also went Rock pooling and found lots of creatures and interesting shells.

Week beginning the 7th March - 2022

We have had a wonderful week reading Somebody Swallowed Stanley and learning all about what happens to our rubbish in the sea. We have created posters to raise awareness about recycling, and written facts about different sea creatures. We really enjoyed exploring different fish, especially when we were able to cut them open and explore inside!

Week beginning 28th February - 2022

We have been reading the book fish. We found out that lots of the rubbish we see outside ends up in the sea and harms the wildlife. We decided that we should clean up our school and went on a hunt for litter! We collected bags of rubbish and we are going to put it to good use, by creating some amazing artwork! 

Litter picking

Spring 1 Medium Term Planning - 2022

I am an Explorer

Spring 1 Knowledge organiser


Please see the things we will be covering this half term. 

I am an Explorer

Wednesday 16th February -2022

We have had another fabulous week exploring Space.  This week, we focused on the story "Goldilocks in Space."  We explored the knew planets in the book and talked about how they were both similar and different to Earth.  We looked at the aliens in the story and had fun discussing what aliens might look like.  We even had an alien visit our classrooms and write to us!  We designed our own aliens and made them out of clay. 

Our Alien Designs

Week beginning the 7th February - 2022

This week we have been learning all about space. We thought about what we would like to do on the moon and what we would take with us. We have been busy designing and making rockets and aliens space ships and learning all about the planets. We have created a class fact book all about the planets! 

Week beginning 31st January - 2022

The children have really enjoyed learning all about China and the Chinese New Year. We found out that it was the largest country in the world and has the longest wall! We enjoyed looking at the Pandas and learning the story of the Chinese Zodiac. We then looked at how they celebrate their New Year and had a go at dragon dancing to music. We can't wait to try the food next! 

Chinese New Year