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Little Crofters Nursery 2021-2022 

 Long Term Plan

Back to Nursery 2021-2022

Summer 2 2021 - Medium Term Plan

'Fairy Tales - Old and New'

Sunshine, Water Fun and Goodbyes!


It is our final week at Nursery and it has been a wonderful chance to play, have fun in the sun and enjoy quality time together whilst wishing our N2 children good luck on their exciting journey to Reception! Despite the challenges of this year the children have shown great resilience and we are so proud of all that they have achieved. Thank-you to our parents and carers who have been so wonderfully supportive and been such an important part of another successful year at Little Crofters. Have a wonderful, safe Summer break, you all deserve it!  

Summer 2: Week 5 - Sports Week!

What a fantastic week we have had creating our own obstacle courses, competing in a variety of races and cheering on our friends! Well done Little Crofters...Olympics here we come!

Summer 2 - Week 4: Transition visit to Reception


Our older Nursery children really enjoyed visiting their new Reception classes. There was so much to explore and they were thrilled to meet their new teachers. Well done, we can see you are all getting ready for your next learning step at West Croft School and know you will all do so well next year!

Summer 2 - Week 3: "Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?!" 

We spent time this week in Nursery making houses for the three goats and designing a safer bridge for them to cross. Well done Little Crofters!

Summer 2 - Week 2: 'Little Scientists!'

The children have been so interested and engaged in our 'Three Little Pigs' topic we wanted to explore different materials and whether they could stand up to the 'huff and puff' of that naughty wolf! Take a look at what we discovered by clicking the link below...

I'll Huff and I'll Puff

Forest School at Little Crofters

We are so lucky at Nursery to have one of our Learning Support Assistants, Ms Smallman, currently training to become a 'Forest School Leader.' Our dedicated area in the Nursery garden is taking shape and this week some of the children were able to take part in some amazing, forest school activities. Well done! 

Summer 2 - Week 1: "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?!"


Not our Little Crofters! We have been listening to the tale of 'The 3 Little Pigs' this week and have been busy designing and building our own houses, making sure that naughty Wolf will not blow them down!  

Having fun in the sun!

The weather has been perfect since half term, enabling us to take so much of our learning outside, it's hard to believe it has only been 2 days! We will be spending as much time as possible outside so please can you send your child in with a named sun hat as well as a named bottle of sun cream (it would be helpful if you could also apply their sun cream before they arrive). 


Summer 1 2021 - Medium Term Plan

'Can you read me a story?'

Summer 1 - Week 6

What a fantastic week we have had at Nursery to end our amazing 'Superhero' theme! Our Little Crofter have worked so hard to help 'Evil Pea' to change his mischievous ways by making helpful signs for the Nursery and have become early readers through exploring environmental print...not forgetting the sensory play for all! 

Summer 1 - Week 5: Have you seen Evil Pea?


Supertato needs our help this week, Evil Pea is up to his usual mischief. We have planned and setup traps and warned Mr Page! If you see Evil Pea make sure you let the Little Crofter Superheroes know! 

Summer 1: Week 4 - Sensory Play

Using all of our senses to fully engage and immerse ourselves in play and learning develops so many important skills... 


Summer 1: Week 3 - Superheroes!

Would you like to join the Little Crofters Happy Hero Club? What super powers do you have? This week we certainly inspired our Nursery children to mark make, draw and write messages for the Superheroes. The Superheroes even replied to our notes. Fantastic work Little Crofter heroes! 

Developing Our Environment

At Little Crofters we are constantly developing and enhancing all aspects of our Nursery environment, both inside and outside. A local farmer has recently donated us two large tyres that we are using to further develop and encourage the children's gross motor control and co-ordination. These new additions have certainly been a 'big hit' with our children. Super work!

Summer 1: Week 2 - 'Not a Stick'

Is it a magic want, a fire hose or a fishing net? Take a look at our story pages!

Summer 1 - Week 1: 'Not a Box'

What a wonderful start to the Summer term in Nursery. It has been wonderful to welcome all of our children back after the Easter break and to observe their growing independence, enthusiasm and progress through their play and learning. 


'Not a Box' by Antoinette Portis provided a text to inspire our creativity, co-operation and story telling skills.

"Is it a rocket, a car, a train...? Where will our imaginations take us today?"

Spring 2 2021 - Medium Term Plan

'Exploring Our World'

Spring 2 - Week 5: "Ladybird, Ladybird fly away home..."

This week we have moved on to exploring more minibeasts with a focus on ladybirds. We have designed and created our own ladybird pictures, counted the number of ladybird spots and matched these to the correct numerals and created our own stories. 

Friday 19th March 2021: Comic Relief!

Our Little Crofters really enjoyed wearing 'red' for Comic Relief, raising some money and showing their red noses to the class. Well done!

Spring 2 - Week 4: Butterflies!


This week our study of caterpillars has evolved into learning all about butterflies and creating them using a range of different media. Shapes, symmetry, colour mixing and painting, to name but a few, are all themes we have enjoyed that have linked to our learning through play and exploration.

Spring 2 - Week 3: Welcome Back to all our Little Crofters!

There's a tiny caterpillar on a leaf...wriggle, wriggle!

What a wonderful week we have had all back together in Nursery. Many of our Little Crofters have made us proud, yet again, by returning this week with enthusiasm, energy and smiles. It is clear you are all really pleased to be back and have loved engaging in your learning and play with your friends again. Well done!

Look at our different caterpillar creations in Nursery this week, as we listen and enjoy the popular story, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. 

World Book Day 2021!


Thank-you to all of our families for supporting us in celebrating another wonderful, 'World Book Day!' Even though not everyone was able to attend Nursery this year it did not stop our Little Crofters joining in with the fun! Well done!

Spring 2 - Week 1: Fun with 'Weather Maths!'


Counting, ordering and sorting were just some of the skills we used this week in our Maths games.

Spring Term 1 2021 - Medium Term Plan

'Into the Unknown...'

Chinese New Year - February 2021


Mr Shackleton's Geography group really enjoyed finding out more about China...


Keeping our Little Crofters Family Connected! 


Although we can't all be together at this time, our Class Dojo and Tapestry pages have allowed us to do the next best thing in Nursery by keeping us connected to our Little Crofter friends and families throughout this lockdown. We definitely think this is something to be really proud of and is worth celebrating. You are all doing a fantastic job!

Take a look at a flashback of some of the highlights from this half term so far...

You can visit the Phonics with Robot Reg homepage to meet Faye and find out more about these wonderful Phonics classes!

Spring 1 Week 5 - Birds


We have all really enjoyed bird watching, making bird feeders, binoculars and creating our very own clay birds this week. Take a look...

Spring 1- Week 4 Robot Fun!

What a brilliant week we have had in Nursery and at home exploring Robots by listening carefully to instructions, making Robot movements and creating our own Robots using different materials. One of our favourite activities was making our own healthy, 'Robot' snacks! 

Healthy Eating with our Robots!

Spring 1 - Week 3 - Dinosaurs!


Look at how we explored all things Dinosaur this week, both in Nursery and at home! Our Little Crofters and their families are helping us to stay connected, have enjoyed exploring our ideas on Class Dojo and have been sharing their own wonderful and exciting learning and play from home too.

Another great week was finished off with a Dinosaur story from our Head teacher on Dojo that we could all enjoy! Amazing work Little Crofters!

Spring 1 - Weeks 1-2  - Lockdown 3.0 

Our return to Little Crofters Nursery may not have gone quite to plan following the Christmas break, however, take a look at how our little learners and their families have shown great positivity, determination and resilience to continue their learning journey from home and in Nursery. 'We're All in this Together!'


Autumn 2 2020 - Medium Term Plan

'Where our wellies take us..."

Autumn 2 - Week 6 - Time to Celebrate!


We are really enjoying preparations for Christmas and the Winter break at the moment in Nursery and have been finding out about how others celebrate special times of the year with their families. Well done Little Crofters!

Autumn 2 - Week 5 

Tell me a story...

This week we have put our own Little Crofters twist on the classic 'The Gingerbread Man' story changing the setting, events and characters. Take a look at our story maps and books!

Autumn 2 - Week 4


Problem Solving, Design and Creativity!

Our magic wellies have taken us on another adventure this week chasing a very energetic and mischievous Gingerbread Man! Little Crofters can you help the Gingerbread Man to escape across the river?! Let's find out...