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Built originally in the 1950's, the school benefits from two spacious, well-equipped halls from which the main building rooms extend and a modern new Nursery block. Our buildings ensure effective teaching space. Classrooms are of a generous size and are well appointed.

The Nursery, Lower School (Reception to Year 2) and Upper School (Year 3 to Year 6) are in close proximity and facilitate positive liaison as well as allowing the children to move safely between the Upper and Lower Sites whenever necessary.

We integrate new technology into the curriculum and our classrooms - to enable  children to engage and participate within the media world. 

Children today are growing up in a world where a large part of their lives are centred around technology - the school embraces new technology and helps the pupils to understand and communicate their ideas - developing their skills and dexterity in this environment - in much the same way we teach them to cross the road safely, choose a healthy diet and care for the community in which they live.