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Curriculum Support and Provision

The expectation is that all pupils receive quality first teaching. For some children there might be a greater need in order to fill gaps in their learning at a faster rate. All pupils are entitled to support when the need arises with some children receiving shorter, more intense interventions and others receiving a more long term programme. Teachers identify their needs through a variety of methods and from a range of evidence. Extra support is given through our interventions programme and is usually delivered in the afternoons, outside of the Literacy and Numeracy sessions. Highly qualified learning assistants dedicated to ensuring effective, targeted provision.


Provision through interventions is as follows:


  • Phonics (Letters and Sounds)
  • Reading Recovery
  • Renfrew Vocabulary test
  • SALT (Speech and Language Therapy)
  • 1:1 reading
  • Maths: Counting to Calculate, Multiplicative Reasoning
  • Thrive
  • Team Teach
  • Learning Mentor involvement
  • Playleaders at lunchtime
  • Family Learning groups
  • PETROC family learning
  • Reading Matters
  • Personalised maths or literacy based interventions.
  • Fun fit
  • Leap into Life