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Year 3

Sports day - 23rd June

The children all had a fantastic time taking part in sports day. There were team events including an obstacle course, target throw, quoit throw, long jump, ball pass and javelin throw as well as individual races which included sprints, skipping, egg and spoon and balancing a bean bag on your head. The children showed great sportsmanship by supporting and cheering each other on. Well done year 3!

Art - 17th June 

The children were given a Greek landscape to observe and draw. They split the picture into different sections and used their sketching skills to help them complete the picture. The children will use their knowledge of mixing paints to paint their landscapes.

Hook afternoon – 8th June

To get ready for our new project – ‘Greece – Hot or not?’ -  the children were given the opportunity to experience the culture of Greece as well as the contrasting location of India and compare these to the UK. They looked at food, art, religion, tourism, currency and used atlases to discover the geographical locations of each country. The children had a fantastic time exploring and finding out new information.

Celebration – Greek play – Friday 28th May

During our project, the children were working towards being performers. The children made props and costumes, composed their own background music and acted out ‘The Twelve Labours of Heracles’. The children had a fantastic time getting everything ready and enjoyed performing for the rest of the year group.

Science - Rosemoor - Friday 21st May

On Friday 21st May, all of year 3 had a trip to RHS Rosemoor. This was part of our science learning this half term about plants. The children spent time in the classroom looking at different seeds and doing some role play about what plants need to grow. The children also had a go at planting some seeds to bring back to school so we can see how they grow and had a look round the gardens with an expert to find seeds as well as taking part in a scavenger hunt in the vegetable garden! The weather was very wet but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we had a fantastic time.

Art - Clay pots - Friday 14th May

As part of our learning about Ancient Greece, the children have been looking at Greek pottery and discovering what they were used for, looking at the different patterns and designs and thinking about what they tell us about life in Ancient Greece. The children designed their own pots and made them out of clay using specific techniques including rolling, squeezing, pinching and joining.

Science - Monday 10th May

We have been investigating what plants need to grow healthily. We have put broad beans into different environments to see which grows best! 

Science - We are Gardeners! - Monday 26th April

This half term, in Science, we are looking at plants. We have begun to recap what plants need to live and grow as well as the different parts of a plant. This week, we set up an investigation to find out what is the most important thing for plants to grow by planting broad beans in different environments! 

Hook Day - Thursday 22nd April

On Thursday 22nd of April, Mrs Marston delivered a very exciting scroll to each of our classrooms. We were being invited to our own Olympics! Each of the classes was an Ancient Greek state (Athens, Sparta or Crete) and we got to compete in a variety of activities! Whilst everybody competed brilliantly, it was eventually Crete that won the day! 


Science Investigation

We have been learning about light and dark in Science this half term and this week we have been looking at how shadows can change. We were investigating the length of shadows by moving the light source further away from the object and then using our measuring skills.


This week the children have been experimenting with using a backwash. We used watercolours and investigated how to make the brush stroke thicker and thinner and how to make the colour darker or lighter. At the end of this unit, we will use these skills to create a Stone Age image.

Stone Age Fashion

After practicing sewing skills, the children have used these to complete their Stone Age tunics. The children used running stitch to attach their designs to their tunics in a method called applique. They then sewed the edges of their tunics together. When they had finished, they reflected on what had gone well and challenges they faced. The children are incredibly proud of what they have produced. 

Textiles - Stone Age Clothing

In recent weeks, we have been looking at Stone Age clothing and how it differs from ours today. With this, we have begun designing Stone Age outfits for our teddy bears and started to learn how to sew! We found it easier than we thought we would to put the thread into the eye of the needle but then the next bit was tricky!

Magnets Investigation

Our Science topic this term is Forces and Magnets! We have been investigating what magnets are and what items are magnetic and looking at the vocabulary repel, attract, north and south poles. 

This week, Year 3 took part in a Stone Age Hook day to get excited about our new project 'Would you rather live in the Stone Age or Iron Age?'. They all took part in a variety of Stone Age activities including: Cave painting, clay pot making, foraging, fire lighting and knot tying. After an exciting day, the children are now keen to find out more about pre-history.