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Year 5



Can I develop my embroidery skills?                                           WB 07.03.22


This week, we have been developing our embroidery skills, as we will be producing our own Bayeux Tapestry. Bayeux Tapestry gives an account of the Norman invasion of England and the Battle of Hastings. The battle happened in 1066. Children were able to practise a range of stitching such as satin, cross-stitch and back-stitch. 






Can I identify the effects of friction?                                                 WB 24.01.22


We tested friction using ramps and cars with different surfaces. Which material had the most or least friction? Which material allowed the car to go the fastest or slowest? Our results were mixed due to our inconsistencies in testing but we all agreed the carpet had the most friction - the cars went the slowest down this ramp. 


Design and Technology 


Can I make a cam toy for a child inspired by Viking life?                                 WB 24.01.22


We researched, designed, made and evaluated our toys using sawing, gluing, cutting and different cams to create different motion. 


How did invaders change Britain?


Our Spring topic is all about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We began with a Hook Day where we met a Viking, made and tasted Anglo-Saxon Food and built our own wattle and daub roundhouse.

We are authors!

This term we read 'Where My Wellies take Me' by Clare and Michael Morpurgo. This inspired us to write and publish our own descriptive recounts of a walk around Bideford including a poem and illustration. They are now on display in the Year 5 area and we think they are absolutely fab. There are many budding authors, poets and illustrators among us. Come and take a look when you can!




Autumn 2 - What is the Mayan legacy?


This term we are historians. We began the term as archaeologists and discovered artefacts that gave us clues about Mayan life. 



Meet the Team

Can we save the Rainforest?

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We made documentaries about our learning using green screen, watch some clips here!

This term we are learning about...

Term 1: Can we save the Rainforest? 

This term we are working towards creating a documentary about the rainforest and how we can help to protect it. This project is a mix of geography, art, DT, and music.


We started with a hook day experiencing rainforest culture; we tried food, made headdresses, discovered the animals and made sounds to create a rainstorm.


Have a look at the fun we had...