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Year 4

Summer - River Deep, Mountain High



Our project this term is 'River Deep, Mountain High'. Throughout the term, we will be learning all about some of our Earth's amazing geographical features, including mountains, rivers and coastlines. We will be looking at geographical knowledge such as the water cycle and the impact humans have on our planet as well as developing our geographical skills such as atlas reading, map work and analysing photographs. We will also be creating our own river artwork influenced by Becky Bettesworth, Ted Harrison and Megan Coyle.

W/c 21st June - This week we have had our sports day! We had a fantastic afternoon out in the sun experiencing a range of summer games and races!

w/c 7th June - We tried our hand at archery this week! One of our West Croft A-Z experiences!

w/c 17th May - In maths, we have been learning all about time. We begin our learning by investigating how we can tell the time using an analogue clock.

w/c 17th May - This half term we have being learning to play the ukulele. So far, we have learnt C, G and F chords and have begun to switch between them to play some simple songs.

W/c 3rd May - In geography we have been investigating how volcanoes are formed, using baking soda, vinegar, washing up liquid and water to mimic the process.

W/c 25th April - In science, we have been investigating how to build series circuits.

W/c 18th April - In science this week, we have been categorising items into three groups: those which are not electrical, those which use mains and others which use batteries.


Spring - Where's My Mummy? 


Despite a national lockdown we still managed to learn a lot about the Ancient Egyptians this term! We researched the geographical aspects of Egypt, before looking at its rich history, including the mummification process and the story of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. This then built towards our learning celebration 'We are thespians!' which involved creating a performance to teach others about this topic. We also made cartouches in art, and invented our own water irrigation systems in design and technology.

W/c 29th March - 'We are actors!' - Our learning celebration, which involved rehearsing and performing productions around the Egyptian afterlife, Cleopatra as well as the mummification process.

W/c 15th March - In art we created our own Egyptian death masks, which were worn by Egyptians when they were laid to rest.

W/c 8th March - In history we looked at the mummification process and even had a chance to practise on each other!

Take a look at our amazing home learning, completed during lockdown:


Autumn - What have the Romans done for us? 


We started off our term with a visit from ‘Marcus’, a Roman citizen. Our project finished with our learning celebration 'We are Caterers'. Did you know that the Romans invented fast food?  We researched, designed and pitched our own idea for a Roman fast food restaurant complete with menu, branding, advertising and design! 

W/c 14th December - 'We are caterers!' - In our learning celebration we presented our Roman fast food restaurant to the rest of our class, and our judges, Mr Page and Mrs Marston.

W/c 16th November - In history, we built Roman bath houses, examining how they were heated through a hypocaust system.

W/c 28th September - In science this week we looked at the digestive system functions using household items such as tights and paper cups.