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How does my child join this school?

If you are reading this, you have found the website and possibly decided this may be the school for you. If you would like to come and meet the Head Teacher, have a look around and see what we do, please telephone the school office on 01237 473548 to make an appointment.

You will also need to contact the Local Authority Admissions Department who will manage the transfer from your previous school.


Non-Medical Absence:

For all non-medical absences we ask parents to complete an Absence Form at least a week before the event. The Head Teacher will either authorise the absence or give you reasons why they is unable to do so. No absences will be authorised during SATs week for Year 6 pupils. Additionally, any pupil with less than 95% attendance will not have their request authorised.

I need to collect my child early today for an appointment.

Most children need to visit the doctor or dentist at some time and although we do ask parents to make appointments after school where possible, we understand this is not always possible. Please be aware that if the absences are frequent you may be asked to produce appointment cards or letters.


When does the term start?

The term dates for the current academic year are available at: www.westcroft.devon.sch.uk/term-dates/ and also on the calendar which has additional dates for your diaries.   

How do I pay for my child's dinners?

West Croft School uses Parent Pay - a Cashless payment system. Parent pay enables easy payments for your child/children at school without the concerns of carrying cash. With Parent Pay all expenses can be paid such as school dinners, clubs, trips/visit, uniform etc. Please register by setting up your accounts but if you having any problems please let the office know and they can help. 

Dinners cost £2.45 each and so a week costs £12.25  


Where can I find out what the dinner menu is?

Our daily menus are interesting and varied. Meals are prepared and served in our own kitchen by staff employed at the school, so they will get to know your child's likes and dislikes quite quickly. They will also encourage children to try new foods by offering small samples alongside more regular choices.

Daily menu choices include a vegetarian option, a selection of jacket potatoes and chicken wraps for children to choose. Children select their choices each day at morning registration. These must be ordered in the school office daily before 8.55 and children will need to identify themselves to kitchen staff when they collect their lunches.

I need to make an appointment with my child's teacher.

The best way to do this is directly with the class teacher.  Parents can direct message through Class Dojo to their child's teacher.  Although office staff will happily help where we can, it is probably more straightforward for you and the teacher to look at your diaries together and agree a mutually convenient time.


Are there any job vacancies in the school?

When we have any job vacancies they are advertised on the Devon Jobs website. We normally ask applicants to apply be e-mail and we will return the application pack by the same method.


I want to bring something to the attention of the governors. How do I do this?

There are Parent Governors on the governing body. If you are unable to identify one of these, please write to the Chair of Governors, via the Clerk to the Governors at West Croft Junior School, Coronation Road, Bideford EX39 3DE. Alternatively, please e-mail your comments to the Clerk on clerk@westcroft.devon.sch.uk or admin@westcroft.devon.sch.uk and this will be forwarded to the Chair.

When can I buy uniform?

Uniform is available from the school office five days a week during term time. Sweatshirts are priced at £10.50 for sized 24" – 34" and £14 for sizes 36" upwards.

During the holidays it is always worth a phone call to see if office staff are working. 


What after school activities can my child join?

There is a range of activities for different aged children, both during and after school hours. These activities can start at various times through the year and will run for a few weeks, half a term or a variety of other periods of time. Letters will be sent in advance inviting children to join.


If your child joins an after school activity, please ensure you advise the teacher if they will not be attending on a particular day or if they decide to leave the activity on a permanent basis. This may allow another child who has been waiting for a place to join.


I would like to make an appointment to see the Head Teacher please.

If your query concerns an issue within the classroom it is best to discuss the matter with the class staff in the first instance. They will know your child better than the Head Teacher and often can solve what seems a very large problem by employing some basic strategies. Sometimes they may be unaware of something which is causing your child distress and will be grateful you have brought it to their attention.

If this course of action is unsuccessful, please see the office staff who will make an appointment for you with the Head Teacher. However, please expect to be asked the for an outline of what you intend to discuss as this will enable the Head Teacher to be prepared for your meeting.


I would like to see the School Nurse.

The School Nurse is not based at West Croft but comes into school for meetings and appointments. The School Nursing Service Team provide information and support to all school aged children and their families. They work with schools in promoting children's health and well-being and provision for pupils with additional medical need. 

The team can be contacted at the North Devon PHN Hub on: 03332 341904.


How will I know if a planned school event is cancelled?

If a school event is cancelled or we need to update you on trip return times etc we will use the text messaging system. It is very important, therefore, that you keep us updated with your contact numbers.


What are the rules concerning jewellery in school?

Simple studs for pierced ears are the safest option for your child. However, during PE the wearing of any type of jewellery is not allowed, neither is the taping over of earrings.

This policy is in line with Devon County Council and national regulations set by the Health and Safety Executive and the British Association of Advisers and Lecturers in Physical Education which states:

All forms of decorative jewellery, such as rings and earrings (including studs and sleepers), hair slides, watches and other objects, which may get caught or break easily, should be removed before the physical education lesson. The wearing of such adornments create an unacceptable environment for work in any physical education lesson.
Members of staff are unable to remove jewellery as this it itself could lead to accidental harm to the child so we therefore request that if your child is unable to remove an item of jewellery themselves it is removed at home before coming into school.

What happens if it snows or the school is closed?

If the school has to closed families will be informed of school closure by text message. Please make sure that if you change your mobile you remember to let the office have the new number. We will also endeavour to inform Heart Radio and update our website with additional information.


I didn't get a copy of the letter you sent home.

Copies of letters are posted here on the website on the Letters Home page and on Class Dojo.