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Year 2

Our Autumn 2 Project is...

Friday 27th November 2020


We have been having an exciting couple of weeks, with lots of making and instruction writing. In preparation for Christmas, we acted out the Christmas Nativity and in Science we also learnt about Charles Macintosh and John Dunlop then created posters about these famous inventors! 

Tuesday 10th November

This week, year 2 have been learning how to write a set of instructions. We made some delicious jam sandwiches and then wrote a step by step guide on how to make a successful jam sandwich. 

This is what we are learning in our History and Geography lessons this term.

We are Historians!!! End of project celebration.

Week 3 Home Learning

We started our new book- Can you work it out looking at our clues?

Investigating absorbent materials to help Cinderella find the best material for her mop!

Year 2 home learning 25th September

Our school trip to the Burton Art Gallery!