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Headteacher Mrs Morris
Deputy Headteacher Mr Dorrell
Assistant Headteacher  Mrs Johnston
Assistant Headteacher  Dr Fancourt
School SENDCo Mrs Johnston
School Inclusion Lead Ms Hoare
Lower School (Nursery to Year 2)  
Class R1 Mrs Scarrett / Mrs Sawyer
Class R2 Miss Rossiter
Class R3 Miss Prowse
Class 1.1 Miss Gower
Class 1.2 Miss Nelson
Class 1.3 Mrs Hurle
Class 2.1 Miss Partridge
Class 2.2 Miss Turnbull
Class 2.3 Mr Downing 
Cover Teacher Mrs Wright
Upper School (Years 3 to 6)  
Class 3.1 teacher Mrs Harris
Class 3.2 teacher Mrs Pascoe
Class 3.3 teacher Miss Clay
Class 4.1 teacher Miss Evemy
Class 4.2 teacher Mrs Clark
Class 4.3 teacher Ms Hoare (Inclusion Lead)
Class 5.1 teacher Miss Logan
Class 5.2 teacher Mr Whalley
Class 5.3 teacher Mr Andrew
Class 6.1 teacher Dr Fancourt (Assistant Headteacher)
Class 6.2 teacher Mr Barstow
Class 6.3 teacher Mrs Martin / Mrs Hanger
Cover Teacher Mrs Figes