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Welcome to the West Croft School website.

As of September 2015 West Croft Junior School and Pynes Infant and Nursery School have amalgamated.

Our administration team have merged and are located in the old Junior School Office. You can contact them on 01237 473548. The phone number for Pynes Infants is no longer operational.

The Infants and Nursery information on the old Pynes Website has now been removed.  This is the website for West Croft School, covering the Nursery, Infants and Juniors.

Enjoy Learn Achieve

Welcome to Our School - Mr A Brierley - Head Teacher

West Croft Scool LOGO

Enjoy, Learn, Achieve:

our aims for your child

Our vision is simple: we want all our children to enjoy their time at West Croft. Think of your own learning and you will probably find that your most memorable learning came from an experience you enjoyed. It's the same for the children: a child who enjoys school is more likely to learn. With learning comes achievement. Please note that this is not the same as attainment: attainment is competitive, achievement is improvement on personal best.

We set high expectations of our pupils because we want our children to achieve and because we want to equip them with the necessary life skills to make decisions and take control of their own destinies in the 'real world'. We want our children to steer their own path through life, not have their lives determined by others.



Teaching and Learning

At West Croft we encourage children to talk about their learning to and with adults and their peers: if you can articulate your thoughts you are more able to write them down clearly. We place great value on teaching through guided learning: the teacher working with small groups to correct misconceptions and provide support and challenge. Sometimes this work can take place outside the class with a Teaching Assistant or one-to-one teacher.

We set whole school targets for Literacy and Numeracy. These give children a clear focus for their learning and a clear sense of achievement.




The History of West Croft School

Built originally in the 1950s, the school benefits from two spacious, well-equipped halls from which the main building rooms extend. Classrooms are of a generous size and where possible are grouped by year. There are also additional areas for group study and two Libraries.  The school also benefits from its own kitchens providing healthy breakfasts and lunches for all!

The school is situated in pleasant grounds. There are two playground areas for upper and lower school which are marked with games and activties to encourage positive play. The field area is large, allowing for two football pitches, a climbing adventure play area and a all-weather multi use games area.  There is also a small arboretum and attractive areas for environmental studies, including our own pond and allotment area, where vegetables and flowers are grown.

Pynes Infants and Nursery was originally on the adjacent site. The amalgamation of the two schools in September 2015 has allowed the children to move safely between sites using all the facilities. As a result, we are able to produce a very effective, integrated curriculum, appropriate to the nursery and primary age range.