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School Dinners & Breakfast Club

Breakfast club will be not be currently available due to the Covid 19 guidelines and maintaining social distancing measurements in school.


Free School Meals Update.

With the recent announcement that Government will now be extending the support to families, if your financial situation has changed and you think you may now qualify for Free School Meals, please contact Devon County Council. It is a very simple process and you are likely to get an immediate response.

Please be aware that even though you may not have to pay for your child's lunch because they are in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, if you qualify for Free School Meals this means you will then receive the added support from Government through school holidays, and if we end up in a situation with closure of a bubble or the school has to close because of a local lockdown.

Please follow this link for more information and to make an application: 



We have a breakfast club which runs every morning from 8.15 am for all children who may drop in as and when they like. Prices are very reasonable and there is a selection of hot food, cereals and fruit.


A daily healthy tuck shop is also available  for KS 2 children.


Please click links below for latest dinner menus:

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to receive free school meals.

All school dinners are prepared on site in our school kitchen.   Our School menu is nutritionally defined by Devon County Council and is part of the Food for Life Partnership. 


This means that:

  • At least 75% of dishes on the menu are freshly prepared.
  • Meat is farm assured as a welfare minimum.
  • Menus are seasonal and in-season produce is highlighted.
  • Menus cater well for all dietary needs in the school population.
  • Continuous professional development is available to catering staff, including training in fresh food preparation.
  • A member of catering staff is encouraged to get involved in food education activities, with the support of the school.
  • Meals contain no undesirable additives and hydrogenated fats.


Our Fresh Start menu is based around providing a good quality balanced meal using freshly prepared ingredients sourced locally wherever possible.

  • Our lamb, pork and beef are from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset farms and our turkey and chicken is British.
  • We use fresh seasonal vegetables grown locally wherever possible; we offer fresh fruit and salad choices daily.
  • We use fresh, local, semi-skimmed milk for drinks & sauces.
  • We only use sustainable fish, certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.
  • We avoid additives wherever possible, although some products will contain approved colours and/or preservatives. Preservatives are often essential to the quality and shelf life of certain products.


As well as the daily hot meal menu we also offer a selection of jacket potatoes or chicken wraps for children who would prefer this. These must be ordered in the class daily before 8.55 and children will need to identify themselves to kitchen staff when they collect their lunches.

Dinners are paid through the cashless payment system Parent Pay and cost £2.30 per day, £11.50 per week.

If you have issues with Parent Pay please let the school office know so they can help.. 


Healthy Tuck Shop


Fruit and vegetables form part of a healthy, balanced diet and it is recommended that children eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
Our school kitchen provides a daily healthy tuck shop during break times. KS2 pupils can purchase a variety of fresh fruit, healthy snacks and bottles of water ranging from 10p – 50p.

Our healthy tuck shop:

• Supports a whole school approach to healthy eating.
• Encourages healthy eating habits.
• Contributes to the future health of our children.
• Improves performance and behaviour.
• Contributes to a healthy immune system, reduces illness.
• Improves dental health due to the amount of sugar eaten.
• Shows parents/Carers we consider the health of their children to be important.