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Reading and Maths: helping your child at home


The following leaflets will help you to support your child's learning at home.



For reading, please read the introductory leaflet and then the one for you child's year group, which contains lists of recommended books for you to read with your child.


Please read the leaflet for your child's year group, giving advice about helping with learning multiplication.

Parent Workshops

At West Croft school we run parent meetings and workshop events through the school year to support children's home learning. All parents are welcome to attend Parent Workshops but we understand some parents have other commitments so we will share available information on this page.


Fun with Maths!

Mathematical Language and Calculation Workshop. Thank you to all the parents who attended our Year 4 maths calculation workshop and hope you have a gained a better understanding of maths calculation teaching in school and can help your children with their maths learning at home.

Please clink links below for documents from the workshop: