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Here at West Croft we understand how important music is to everyone’s wellbeing and creativity. We aim to foster a love of music and to build the children’s confidence and self-esteem through performance. 

Each year group here at West Croft will have three sections to their musical learning - singing, percussion, and wider opportunities (learning a musical instrument in greater depth). Each of these areas will include the key skills of listening, appraising, composing and performing.

We provide opportunities for children to learn about music throughout history, from the modern day and from other World cultures.  We aim to help children develop a respectful awareness of musical traditions from a variety of cultures.  This will often have cross-curricular links through Topic and enrich and support learning in other areas of the curriculum such as RE, History, Geography and Literacy.

We teach children to listen and appreciate different forms of music from various backgrounds and cultures which may also link directly to other festivals or celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and Divali.

Where possible children are also taught how to use music technology as a tool for creating, manipulating and sorting sounds e.g. using Music software, digtal keyboards etc.

We have a wide range of musical instruments available in school and work closely with the Devon Music Hub and the Bideford Learning Community. This allows us to borrow sets of instruments for particular projects and provides opportunities to perform with large numbers of children in the community.

We have a range of music clubs including choir, recorders and drumming, Bideford Brass Band tutor children that would like to join the band for free and we have two peripatetic teachers who offer violin, flute, saxophone and clarinet lessons. To enable as many children as possible to access these opportunities pupil premium children have their lessons paid for through the pupil premium funding.

Our hope is that the children of West Croft leave us with a lifelong love of music and an understanding of the role that music plays to different people across the world.