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Here at West Croft we understand how vital science is in every-day life and especially those of the children we teach. As a core subject of the National Curriculum, we give it a significant role as part of our Project learning and the wider curriculum.

Each year group here at West Croft will cover four elements during their scientific learning journeys. The three main strands of science (biology, chemistry and physics) will be taught but integrated into each of these areas, is the ability to work scientifically. This allows the children to develop their inquisitive nature and provides opportunities for them to be critical throughout the planning, performing and evaluating stages of practical experiments. This hands on approach is fundamental to the children’s learning and love of science.

These aspects of the National Curriculum give a framework and development of skills for us at West Croft to use. As an innovative school however, we provide this structured learning through the use of Knowledge Organisers, ‘sticky knowledge’ and a themed Project approach to allow opportunities for creativity, independence and ultimately enjoyment.

Providing children with up to date resources, engaging outdoor role play areas and the experiences gained within a fully integrated forest school is something we are very proud of here at West Croft. Our qualified practitioners are giving the children opportunities to engage with the beautiful surrounding nature and work collaboratively with each other, all of which pushes science to the forefront of the children’s minds.

Our aim is that the children of West Croft leave us with the confidence and passion to pursue science in the next stages of their lives, be that in education or in the ever growing scientific world in which we live.