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Information Technology

ICT at West Croft

West Croft Junior School has an ICT suite of 33 PCs, sufficient for every child in a class to use.  These computers are networked so each child has their own login and filestore.  Use of the ICT suite is timetabled so that every class gets to spend at least one session there each week.  In addition each classroom has 2 PCs, one connected to an interactive whiteboard and data-projector, which is used in day to day teaching.  Other resources include microphones, cameras, video cameras and data loggers.

Computer Room

School Software Packages

We use a variety of software packages in the classroom and we choose the best packages for our different age groups.


Microsoft Office LogoWe are currently using the 2007 version of Microsoft Office. Children learn to use Word for word-processing, Excel for spreadsheets and Powerpoint for presentations.



Revelation Natural Art LogoThis is a simple yet powerful free-hand drawing software package helping children to develop their creativity.




Textease Studio CT LogoTextease is a multi-use package. It is child friendly and simpler than the Microsoft equivalent.  It is useful for early years where Microsoft Office is too complex. You can purchase the software through the school at a discount.



Map Detectives LogoAn adventure game that develops geography knowledge including map-reading skills



Crystal Rain Forest LogoAn adventure game that develops childrens' knowledge of control systems, in particular introducing them to the LOGO programming language.



Google Earth LogoGoogle Earth is a 'map' of the earth, fully rotatable and scaleable, it can be used to provide valuable information in Geograpghy, it gives a much better sense of scale compared to a conventional atlas.



Dance Ejay LogoThis is a powerful piece of software allowing the composition of a pop song, complete with drums, bass line and samples.  It has proved to be immensely popular since we began using it.  There is an "Electronic Music" school club that mainly uses this programme.